Friday, January 30, 2009

Burning the Midnight Oil

Well, tomorrow (today, really, since it is 2:15 am!) we are going to a friend's new baby's baptism. I wanted to bring a little something for the baby... and always enjoy making something. 

I often make a hooded towel for mommies to snuggle those new babies in! When I got to my bin to look for a towel color... I discovered that I may as well be Old Mother Hubbard, 'cause my cupboard was bare! I couldn't believe it... I had no towels with which to make a hooded baby towel. 

DRAT. What to do now??? Hmmm... baby booties? Couldn't get them finished in an evening. Cross stitched bib? Again, not in one evening. What, oh what to do. Pops and Bud suggest clothes. Or lotion. Or baby soap. Yea, soap for babies. 

WHAT? I cannot make an entire outfit in an evening, let alone find and make a recipe for baby lotion or soap. THINK. THINK. THINK. A blanket... I can make a blanket in an evening. YES! 

Wait. My friend is Amy. she writes a blog, "Amy in Stitches" about Faith, Family and Yarn. YARN! She knits. She knits lots and well. She makes her own blankets. 

Come on get it together, I berate myself! If only I wouldn't have put it off, I would be making a towel or a pair of booties. 

Oh, I know! I received the neatest little thing for Bud when he was a tiny tyke. A carseat cover! Pops' Aunt Judy sewed many lovely items for us and I loved them all, especially the carseat cover! I once called and asked her for the pattern and she told me that there isn't a pattern per se. She made it up! So, she gave me the dimensions and I wrote them down. It seemed easy enough, so I didn't press when she said it is so easy. I should have made her type up the instructions of how to assemble it "so easy." I had to fight with my cover and wrangle it into the design I was hoping for. Aunt Judy is an amazing seamstress. I hope that one day I will whip up a "so easy carseat cover." This one seems to be "not so easy, not too hard."
I have a bit of elastic to finish and then sew up the last little bit and will be done. I'll take pictures when it is light out. It is turning out cute even with the little flaws that every artist finds in themselves... I am hoping Amy and her precious new babe will like this delightful way to keep warm and out of the weather while in a carseat!!

Update: These pictures are as good as they can be... I'll have to see if I can get Amy to take pictures of her bundle of love in his carseat with this cover on... Yes, I took the picture of this on the steering wheel... it was as good as I could manage!


  1. Carseat covers are GREAT! What a brilliant idea. It is so nice to be able to bypass the snowsuit (Nebraska winter) and lay baby straight down, tuck them in, and cover them. Cheers!

  2. im sure it will be awesome. cant wait to see the pics

  3. I have been without computer off and on for days now! I have pictures to post!!
    I can't thank you enough! Ben (and I!) LOVE it!!!!!
    Have a great time at the coast (sigh, I wish we were there!).

  4. ...please where can I buy a unicorn?


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