Saturday, January 3, 2009

Well, where are we, now?!?!

Last night we stayed in Davis, CA. (I am not sure if we had good sleep or not last night. We were a bit cramped. 2 queen beds, 1 baby bed and 6 people. Blossom loves to "play baby" and sleep in whatever baby kind of arrangement we can muster. But that left Geemah and I to share the bed with Branch, while Pops and Bud shared the other bed. We were hoping for better sleeping arrangements - but no one was in a mood to argue at midnight.) I was certain that we would have to find UC-Davis and take a peek at the Veterinary school, but I was mistaken! Instead, we had a leisurely start to our morning and headed out around 10:30.  

We stopped for Subway on I-5 somewhere at lunchtime and I would like to suggest that we NOT stop there for lunch or dinner on our way home.  ICK.  Them was some dirty bathrooms... gross.  If ya can't keep the bathrooms clean... I have to wonder about the rest of the joint.  Yuck yuck and more yuck.  (and that was the LADIES room.)

We arrived in Anaheim around 6:45 this evening and got checked into our room after a bit of frustrating LA traffic.  We got some of our stuff up to the room and then headed out for a look see for something to eat.  Off we walked to Downtown Disney for a bit of the Rainforest treat. We enjoyed our dinner well enough, but enjoyed seeing the fireworks on our walk back much more.  We peeked into a few shops and enjoyed seeing the lights and excitement on our kids' faces.  Disneyland awaits us in the morning. Off for fun there tomorrow... all. day. long. YIKES.

I hope to have a teeny bit of energy left in the evening to post a few pictures of our fun!  Wish us some luck!

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  1. I can totally identify with your gross restroom difficulty along I-5. What is the deal?

    Hope you're having a great time.


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