Monday, January 12, 2009


The place I love the most. Home.

I suppose I may have mentioned that a time or two since we go bustling about quite a bit. I love the feeling of walking back into my home after being gone. I love the feeling of it being my space. I love how all the little things around our home welcome me when I arrive home. It is a much different feeling to arrive home after a day away as opposed to many days away!

I am happy to be home. The kids are thrilled to be amongst their "stuff" and able to play in their own space to their hearts' content.

This is one of the great views outside of our hotel in San Diego.

And here is a GREAT view at my home...

I missed my one who barks. Isn't she beautious in her rhinestones from Santa Claus?!!! It is good to have my foot warmer back! (She's sure glad to have us back, too... at least I assume so since I got a lovely dog smash - the equivalent of a hug!)


  1. And where did your ruff ruff stay while you were away? Let's talk soon, when you get settled back in!


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