Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pool Time! Fool Time?

So, did you know that the highlight of my kids' lives when they visit a hotel is trying out the hotel swimming pool!  So, I say, who am I to deny them this itty bitty request?!!


Well, I can promise you that Geemah denies these children very little of anything.  Treats, goodies, presents, love, herself, conversation... all of that is freely given to these kids.  However, I have found her sticking point! Temperatures in the sixties will keep her in her jeans, long sleeved t-shirt and jacket! No matter that the pool was heated and the sunshine was warm! Her head would have been out of the water and in the wind and therefore - COLD!


So, she (wo)maned the camera and we made a go at swimming in the beautiful pool without her. I really ought to go back out and just take pictures of the pool, the waterfall, the seahorse fountains and all of its beauty... We'll see if that will happen or not. But, it sure is pretty!


All three kids continue to swim well and try to do more and better. You might notice that Branch isn't easy to find in most of these pictures. Well, you see, she is our little fish, mermaid, dolphin, shark - any of those will do! She is a great swimmer and can go for quite some time without ever stopping to take a breath. Watch out Phelps, Lezak, Piersol, Lochte, Coughlin, Hoff, Soni and Torres... you've got a little swimmer hot on your heels!

After half an hour or so, Blossom and I were more than ready to be out of the water and sat bundled in towels in the warm sunshine. It wasn't 15 or 20 minutes later that Bud came out of the pool with chattering teeth... Branch? Had to be forced out of the pool and never seemed to chatter at all! She thinks we are going to do it all again. hmmmm. I'll have to see if we'll be foolish again, or stick with Geemah and stay dry and warm!


  1. wow, a pic of you in your bathing suit, you are one brave woman!!


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