Thursday, January 15, 2009

All good things...

come to an end, I suppose.

Today was our last fun day with Geemah. I think that I am the most sad of all. I enjoy having my mom around with all of her sillyness. I like having my mom and friend around to chat and laugh with. Now, we are like any other mom and daughter in that we get on each other's nerves. Yes, we do that often enough. But, we really like to be in each other's company. We love to laugh, and together we do that well.
We like to work on crafty kinds of things together. We worked on making prettied up file folders. What is that, you wonder? Yea, me too. I bought a crafting magazine - Somerset Home, while we were in San Diego and we found these pretty folders that you embellish with pretty papers and stickers and things. We bought a few papers and such and set to gluing one evening. She has 4 beautiful folders to take home for her home and has many ideas on how she will use them. Mom also has ideas for making several more! I made a few and like them well enough, but I didn't really finish. So, I will have to complete them after my mom is gone.

She leaves tomorrow for her flight home. I know that it feels so good to go and get to one's own home and I am so thankful for the time we did have together. But, maybe we should just build her a studio to live in our backyard. I think that would work out so much more pleasing! Hmmm... Pops was taking a woodworking class this past fall. Maybe he can just whip that up in a jiffy and she can have a second home here so that she doesn't feel like she has to get to going home so soon. Somehow two and a half weeks wasn't long enough. Booo hooo hooo. Hopefully she'll be back soon!

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  1. i feel ya. i am hoping my mom comes to live with us once she retires.
    cute pic


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