Thursday, January 15, 2009

Guess what?!

I forgot. They are in there. They are torturing me, now. There are cookies that I made at Christmastime in my deep freeze. They were soooo yummy. I expect that they would be still yummy. I have joined up with the WoWers and I am trying to watch all the sugary eating and all that bologna. Exercise. I know I should. I want to like it. I really do, but I don't. I want to eat a cookie and I think that I will. I mean, really... who will know? Just me and my conscious, right? Well, and the 5 of you who read my blog and leave comments so that I know that you did read it. But, you five won't care, right? Amy, Regina, Jessica, Mom and  Heidi - please don't throw the hammer down today on me when I am really trying to do well at this WoW thing. But, come ON... I didn't eat "my" sugar cookie yet. (Remember I decorate all those and there were 5 cookie people. I was the one in the red and white striped dress.) I think that I will just eat that one cookie.

Mmmmmm. Sorry about the crumbs. It was good. Anybody out there want me to send a cookie to you so that I can get them out of our house?? Let me know soon before I derail my plans to join the group WoWing away! Join me and tell me to PUT THE COOKIES AWAY...


  1. slowly step away from the cookies

  2. Okay, I am confused - I couldn't figure out what "join up with the WoWers" was so I googled WoWer and apparently it means "to pleasure oneself in the shower" - TMI Erica!!! LOL Love, Aunt Lisa :o)


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