Thursday, May 17, 2012

Child's Art for Sale!

A quick update: YIKES! We are house hunting in earnest... our landlord accepted an offer and has a contract to sell this house. So, we will be moving in early July or sooner. Such is the reason for my absence on the WWW... I will try to get on here to post some fun as I am able - for now, I can't commit to every day during the week - I'll see what I can do! Without much further ado - here's a bit of fun to share:

Yesterday was a beautiful day. In the morning, Blossom drew some pictures. After lunch she decided she wanted to have a lemonade stand. But, the old lemonade stand is Branch's and she really wanted to do her own thing. So, she dragged the little picnic table out in the yard across the driveway and "set up shop" and let everyone know she was open for business and would have a nice guard dog.

Pops said, "Say, wha?" Yea, gather up your money... Blossom has opened for business, you had better go find out what she is selling!
I snuck around the side of the house and took a few quick pictures before letting my presence be known! I thought she was so cute sitting out there with her big ol' pink piggy bank! I was wondering, though... how were her papers staying still in the Oklahoma breeze!?!
Well, all of the art was stored in a box behind her and she was bringing each piece out for a look. So, she started with showing her animal art.
The bottom one is a tree with a nest on a branch and a mama and papa bird who are caring for their 4 eggs. She was pretty thrilled to tell me about that one! There is a black bunny rabbit there and I am not sure what kind of bird the one under Pops' hand is. Oh, and I think that maybe there is the skirt of a fairy on the one under the bunny...
She continued to show all of the pieces - they are stashed in her box on the ground. She would announce what it was and then laid it on the table. (I love how Branch is grinning in this one! She is definitely remembering her first entrepreneurial tries with her lemonade stand!)
I helped Blossom a bit and told her it might work to her advantage to think about what her customer might like to have for art in their space. She thought Pops would like the barn or the horse best. Here she is re-presenting her horse...
She was telling a bit about what kind it was. Pops wanted to know if the horse was foundered.
She responded, "Well, right here is where I put on its shoes. Don't you see them?"
Pops decided to go with the horse and Branch put the rest of her art away. Pops was getting ready to pay for his choice...
 and Blossom pushed her piggy bank forward for him to fill 'er up.
He put in several coins and she watched like a hawk! Next customer, Branch! She wanted to see the fairies that Blossom had available.
Blossom laid out her three favorites and Branch pointed to this one and said, I want that one...
then pointed to another one and said she liked it, TOO! So, she made her purchase of two pieces of art.
Blossom was thrilled and put the coins right in her bank! I ended up purchasing the fairy still in her hand and another animal, after I went inside to get a "paper dollar" after she sighed when Branch walked away and she muttered, "I was really wanting some paper dollars for my beautiful art."
After my purchase, I put together a plate of cookies and sent them out for her next customers... Bud and Bump went out with a fist full of coins. Bud bought most of her art - all but two pieces. Bump bought one and she was left to sit at her table with one lone piece of art. She continued to send in messengers about the last one is about to go, don't miss out! I was really wondering how long she would sit outside without a buyer!! She probably sat there (with a plate of cookies) for 20-25 minutes before the UPS driver pulled up!
They worked a trade of sorts. Blossom was generous and gave her newest customer a complimentary piece of her prized (and signed) art since she was "new" and the UPS driver ooohed and aaahed appropriately. She promised she would take it home and proudly display it on her refrigerator. Then she went into her truck and brought out a little treat dog bone for the little guard dog! 

Blossom started today with making art. She plans to have another afternoon sale if you are available to stop by, I bet she'll be open! (Or she'll open just for you!) She hopes the UPS driver will be back today and will make a purchase! You go girl!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Focus Pocus Friday: Happy 65th Anniversary!


I haven't gotten my laptop all squared away, so I don't have access to the photo that I did want for today... I have a picture from about 3 years ago that I wanted to share. But, this one will have to do. It is from 4 years ago! This is the big three treekids with Pops' grandparents, who are celebrating 65 year of marriage this year!! There is a celebration this weekend in their honor. What a wonderful wonderful and amazing thing in this day and age where people get "married" for a month or a year and call it quits. Here we have 65 years of marriage!!
65, people!! 


Pops and I got married when I was 22 years old. To be married 65 years, I will have to get to the ripe old age of 87!! Hoping I make it!! Pops will have to be 89 and turning 90 the following fall!! WOW! Yikes, eh? Well, whatever the age when you make to 65 years of marriage - that is spectacular!!


Congratulations, Great-Grandma Maryann and Great-Grandpa Richard!!!!!