Thursday, January 29, 2009

The sun is shining.

That means it's a good day!

We've had a bit of cloud cover and fog lately. So, having the sun show up today in full force with blue skies being all that I can see brings to mind a cute little thing that my big boy used to say when he was very little.

Bud was about a year or year and a half old. (He started talking very early... and he really hasn't ever closed his mouth for any length of time on purpose. Seriously. If he is reading or watching a movie he leaves his mouth open ready to spit out his next words. And sleeping? Nope, he drools like his mom and is getting nearly as bad as his Geemah. {So sorry to spill your dirty laundry, Geemah. Just keeping my accurate family records here.} Anyway, back to the story... go on! This bunny trail is OVER!) He started to sleep in our bed at night when I was pregnant with Branch and couldn't function in the mornings. When he would wake up, he would turn to me (or if Pops was still home and sleeping too, either of us) and say, "Sun is up! It's a good day!"

I miss those simple mornings. I think I will wake up Bud tomorrow with that phraseology. He has some trouble waking in the mornings... 8:45 am is a REALLY early morning for him!!

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