Thursday, January 22, 2009

So Long, Cookies

Yes, the cookies are gone. If you were hoping for me to send them to you. You are now out of luck. I threw out a box of them last night. The kids have been eating more than their fair share of them. I ate a few of my favorites. (I'll consider sharing that recipe one day.) So, that temptation is gone. There are other temptations, but Sugar Cookies? It is too hard to pass those up. So they are gone. 

We are on to new things like goals of regular exercise. I have been pondering why I don't like to work out. 

I believe that my Aunt Lisa is onto something as to part of the problem... allergic reaction to exercise -it seems to run in the family. My reaction is that every time I work out, my body expels a salty moisture through the pores of my skin. I have heard that it happens to be an allergy that many people suffer with, but like hayfever, I expected claritin to help. It doesn't. 

Another excuse problem is that whole, what to do with my kids when I go to the gym. So, instead of taking them and hoping that they don't make a disaster of the local gym, I just don't take them and therefore don't go!

Next problem is boredom. I do not like to do the same thing over and over and over. So, we have a handful of items that are useful for exercise at home. I added a new item to our exercise arsenal. Yesterday, Branch and I tried our best. Blossom tried a few moves. Bud rolled his eyes. Pops ran out the door. Thank goodness he had an excuse of "work" or we'd have insisted he try!
I must tell you. Kym is quite scantily clad in all her cuteness. My girls thought that Ashly was their favorite because she smiled "at them" and wore something that they liked. Maksim kept telling us to keep our tummy in, butt tight and tucked, etc. 

My heavens. One go round at the Paso Doble and Samba, an attempt at the Cha-Cha after I removed my tennis shoes so I wouldn't keep tripping on the carpet, and less than a half hearted attempt at the Jive has my calves burning and my hiney screaming to just let 'er jiggle - no need to tone!

Fun video. Decent work out. Learn a dance or two. Try it out a few times a week and on the other days something else to prevent the boredom.

Now, if only someone would make an allergy medication to help me out with those reactions I have been having...


  1. good job working out. the hubs is going to love your new moves

  2. LOL! I always wished I could dance, but I have not just two left feet, but probably three. I still wish I could... the video looks like fun though!!

  3. Oh my gosh, I have to tell you how I love your names for the kids and dog. Bark... that one had me laughing out loud!!!


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