Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oh, yea...

Now that I think that most of the presents that I made have been opened... (no thanks to the bad weather that delayed a couple of boxes that I sent out.) I can say that I got nearly everything made that I had hoped to get done.

I completed the following:

Pajamas for my kids. 
Pajamas for the kids' friends in Nebraska  and lounge pants (pajamas with no shirts) for their parents.
Webkinz clothes that match the pajamas for those friends in Nebraska (3 outfits for mini stuffed animals)
Pajamas for my sister (that is pajamas for 7)
A "Hostess Set" of coordinating cloth napkins(10), a table runner and an apron for my friend (she sometimes comments on here as Amy K-D!)
A few computer projects (calendar, coffee mug, kleenex boxes [yes, that is right], address labels, calling cards, home videos)

Fruitcake with no nasty candied fruit (2 6" round cakes and 2 mini loaves)
Some canned goods were sent that I made this fall

What did I NOT get done?

Pajama pants for Pops (to match Bud's)
Pajama pants for me (to match or not to match, I didn't care!)
the other pair of pajamas for Bud (he's in need... remember?)
several baked goods that were going to be sent or shared with friends and neighbors... that whole stomach bug thing?  yea, didn't figure anyone would want those germs!

So, I did get nearly everything finished.  AND I can still finish most of this stuff after January 15th!!


  1. and just like that, a gazillion posts. i forgot you were going to disney land(world, pretty sure land is the one in cali). hope you are having an awesomely awesome good time

  2. Oh, thank you, thank you Friend!!! We love them all!!!!


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