Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Apparently this is a good word for us right now. 


Hide meaning to keep secret or unknown.

Out meaning situated or operating in the open air, not in buildings.

I have been hiding and the kids have been out. I will be joining them in the out and they will be joining me in the hiding! See... it just works. 

I have been hiding because there is just so much to do and well, too much on my plate right now, I think. So, I have been hiding in the cocoon of my home trying to figure out how to get my 3 million things finished. The kids have been out because the weather has been quite nice and sunny lately.  In fact, I think they were building a small hide-out in the dirt yard. So, we are hiding out. Yes. I will be peeking out now and then and sharing my whereabouts - but not regularly perhaps.

Today we are leaving for an overnight trip to the coast. Pops has a work thing to do out there and we are thumbing a ride to go learn about tides. I decided it is Hi-Time we learn why exactly there is a Hi-Tide and a Lo-Tide. So, we will observe the tides and a few other fun things, like tide pools, seagulls, starfish, sunsets - all good things. 

We will return tomorrow evening and the next day we'll be off and running (or sliding) again. One of our local homeschool groups is going tubing at Diamond Lake. A lengthy ride, indeed, for a few trips down a sliding hill. But so fun and worth it at the group discount rates we will be getting! Here are a couple videos of our fun there last year.

Here Blossom and I are going up the tow rope.

Here we are going down the hill!

Friday, Pops and Bud will be hitting the river in a drift boat on a quest for a steelhead or two. (I TOLD you that they would continue until they got something other than leaves!)

Anyway, the purpose of this rant is that I am gearing up to go run around a lot. I hope to find some time to post pictures of our fun while we are out. If I can't find the time... know that they are coming... when time allows!

Oh, and sorry about not posting pics of that carseat cover... I did get a picture or two, but it doesn't look like much since I didn't have a carseat to put it on to take the picture! It looks like a lump of fabric - cute fabric, albeit. But it doesn't look like anything other than fabric.  Go beg Amy to email me a few pictures of that beautiful new babe in his carseat with him peeking out! Go on... beg her!  :)

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  1. Have fun! Can't wait to read some stories and see some pictures!


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