Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pack a little, Pack a lot?

I think that traveling with kids is GREAT. I don't live by some weird schedule that my OCD brain had to have when I travel without kids. I sit back and enjoy the journey - wherever that might take us! Our kids travel really well. They love to go go go! They are forever wanting to know what is the next adventure.

Well, as we continue into our year filled with travel, I am struck with some very BIG differences in packing habits of the family when we go on longer trips.

Bud - Tell him how many nights we'll be gone and he will (with the help of Pops) produce the same number of underpants, half as many socks, one or two less shirts, and a few pairs of jeans. He'll bring a jacket if we remind him and his shoes? Yep, you guessed it - are on his feet.

Pops - Similar to Bud, however, add in a few nicer pants and shirts... he probably has a few business things to attend to!

Me - A couple pairs of jeans, appropriate amounts of undergarments and socks for the number of nights, pajamas, a shirt for each day plus one, toiletries.

The Girls - Enough undergarments for each day, an OUTFIT for each day plus one (just in case). The outfit includes a top, bottom (skirt or pants), coordinating leggings, tights or socks and the appropriate hair clips, ribbons, ponytail holders. They will also need tear-free shampoo and conditioner, their toothbrushes and other assorted toiletries that they deem necessities.

Pops is BIG on "recycling" - especially laundry on trips! Not so much the aluminum cans or plastic bottles. The girls think it is nice to recycle too... they wear everything again... AFTER it comes to them fresh from the clean laundry pile!!

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  1. That's cute. When the kids pack for a weekend at Grandma's house, I tell them what to add and then check to see if they actually did it. Well, I check the four year old boy, anyway. The girls have it figured out.


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