Friday, February 20, 2009

Check, Check, Missing Piece

I planned to get laundry going after being away 10 days and we have 4 smallish suitcases full of dirty laundry. I am happy to say things are sorted and "going." There are piles of laundry in the queue. The canister is full of Arm & Hammer laundry detergent powder in Cool Breeze scent. There are two bottles of Ultra Downy Clean Breeze scent fabric softener on the shelf. Loading, spinning, rinsing, spinning and tumbling will press on all day.

I planned to get suitcases and baggage put away in the closets and other storage locations before my mom arrives next month. I am further than half way to my goal! Two suitcases are put away in the closet. The remaining suitcases have random things that will be dealt with when the novelty of playing in the yard and on the driveway at 61 degrees wears off... Hmmm, that might get done after supper!  The snack totes are in the kitchen. Toiletry items are in the bathrooms.

There is a piece missing in the puzzle of what my next project is. You see, I need help. LOTS and LOTS of help!!! I love taking my camera with me - everywhere! I do not like the camera bag that I have. I have a standard black camera bag that you could find at nearly any retail location that sells run of the mill camera accessories. This problem is multi-faceted, though. First, I don't want to spend big bucks on some fancy schmancey bag. Second, I want it to be big enough to carry my camera body, both my lenses (and room for a potential wide angle lens I might start lobbying for... shhhh!!!), lens cleaner, and a few extra things like a small wallet, keys, mints, etc - making room for purse essentials! Third, I want it to be able to close securely, but I want my camera to be easily accessible to grab before the moment is gone. Fourth, I want it to be perfect - sort of. 

So, here's the deal. I have all these pieces of what I want and don't want. I am willing to even sew my own and I have the fabric, stabilizer, padding and the ability to find the other assorted notions needed to do it. What I don't have is a plan. 

I need help creating a plan. What do you love or hate about the camera bag that you carry? If you could design a better camera bag, what would you change, add, remove, etc? Tell me what you think would make a great bag! I want to get working on one but I wonder what you all think. HELP!!

Now, I KNOW that there are quite a few of you out there who come on over and take a peek and see what our family is up to lately. You like to "stay in touch." I'm all for that! That is why I write this darn thing - so that when you see the kids the next time they won't seem like giants!! (Well, they'll still seem like giants, but at least you could pick them out of a line-up!) So, all of you out there who think that you have nothing to add... please tell me ANYTHING that could help! Just click on the "jumping in the leaves with us" at the bottom of this post and help me create my awesome camera bag! There'll be a little something in it for all of you... MORE PICTURES of the kids and where we go! Since I will keep my camera with and ready all the time! See... I aim to please! Well, off I go to start drawing out some preliminary plans... Don't leave me hangin' too long!


  1. The PERFECT camera bag. Hmmmmmm. I believe it would be designer with a strap going across my chest (that amazing female anatomy) which allows freedom to use my hands. Must have pockets so that I will have my camera stuff all organized and could also have my billfold inside (no handbag as extra to carry). I think there should be an outside pocket for my cell phone for easy reach. A zipper to close so all things would be safe as I'm snapping those million dollar pics. Might also be good to have a fantasic camera! G.

  2. We've got a Canon Rebel XTi with the kit 18-55mm lens, so pretty similar to your Nikon D40. We don't have a second lens but have been considering getting one. (I'm curious about what lenses you have and what you think about them.) We've got an M-Rock Yellowstone 511 bag and we really like it. We were looking for a minimal point down bag but if you want something a little bigger take look at the Arches, a sling bag, for ideas. OK, so some things we like about ours. Point down just seems natural to me to put in and take out; like a holster for a gun. I also like the wide strap. It is adjustable enough to wear across your body, which is how I usually carry it, or to hang on one shoulder. The strap goes through a pad which slightly rubberized to keep it sliding off your shoulder but the strap slides through the padding so you can still move the bag around comfortably without it pulling at your shirt or jacket. Another feature that I wouldn't have thought of on my own is that flap opens away from you. By that I mean the "hinge" is on the side away from your body. This makes it easier to get into because the flap doesn't open into your body and end up between you, the camera, and the spot you are trying to slide it into. The combination of the holster style with the easy access zippered top flap has made it so we've actually taken the shoulder strap off the camera since it comes out and goes right back in. On the inside there are adjustable velcro "shelves" so that the camera is resting on the body instead of the lens. The extras we carry include a lens pen, an extra memory card in case we fill up our main card, battery charger, and a USB cable just because it fits. Oh and there is supposed to be some emergency cash in there but I think we used it. We also have an external flash which we don't usually carry unless we know we'll need it. Our bag is "modular" and they sell addon pouches which attach to the main bag, but our flash came with a pouch that I've been meaning to modify to attach nicely. That reminds me that there is an optional belt which we don't have but I have put it on the front of the belt strap of my backpack while packing out to go camping. The outside material is a rugged and water repellent nylon and the inside is a soft fabric. And just in case that wasn't enough information, my next project is to make a DIY R-Strap.

  3. Hmmm, ok....
    I really like the idea of the across the chest thing, that would really free up the hands. The one thing about mine that I don't like is how bulky and boring it is. I think something more streamlined
    would be awesome. Also, something pretty. Some modern fabric other than the blank black. Something even similar to a diaper bag, but for the camera would be awesome.

    It was funny, the other day I packed up my bag and inside some of the empty slots I stuck some yarn and needles. I laughed myself at my camera/yarn bag. Now that is what I need... og and some room for the diapers too!

  4. I like what JR said. I can't add much to it because I came to the comments section with the idea of suggesting a sling bag which is what I would get if I had a larger camera. As it is, we have a little Canon that fits in my pocket and that is where it goes!

    Good luck!


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