Friday, February 6, 2009

Please Pray

No one wants to hear unpleasant medical news. We hope and pray for the best while the tests are being done and the results are being interpreted. And we beg and plead that all of our family and friends will intercede and send prayers for us to Heaven.

A friend of my family's, since I was a tiny child, has been awaiting test results and they came in today. He is like an uncle to me. The have diagnosed him with an aggressive form of lung cancer that has already metastasized to his bones. He will be undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, I believe.

Especially as he endures treatment, please pray for his comfort, a mental calm and good results. For his wife, children and grandchildren, please pray for peace in their hearts as they struggle with the unfathomable. Please pray that they can all find peace and hope while continuing to build happy family memories. Please pray for my family and others, who are close to their family, in this trying time. We are hurting and need, especially now, the grace of our Lord to comfort us.


  1. I am so sorry to hear that Elm... We will definitely keep him and his family, and all of you, in our prayers!

  2. your family and his will be in my prayers. i offer my evening Rosary with these intentions.


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