Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wind in our Canyon

We had an interesting night last night...  Lots of noise that made our little barker perk her ears up out of a deep old doggie sleep..

We do not get wind here in our town.  We have gotten used to the windlessness of living here and when we go places that are windy, we forget to hold onto our napkins, empty chip bags, paper cups and we are a sight running around chasing everything down to get into a trash can! So, our evening with wind was a BIG deal here!!


  1. Bummer! It says video is no longer available!

  2. LOL! It is working now! I love his face!

  3. That is SO funny!! Is that an actual video, or a bunch of pictures???

  4. We get all of your wind and your neighbor's wind too!!! It is terribly windy here quite often.


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