Thursday, February 5, 2009

Awwwwwww Shucks.

The big fun plan for today was to go on the tubing hill at Diamond Lake with our local homeschool group. Pops and I got everything ready for our day of snowbunny fun last night. We packed all the gear, a picnic lunch, the works.

We got up on time and headed out on the interstate. We drove seven miles and then Blossom threw up. YUCK. What to do? Drive two hours to do what? Should she get to tube after she puked? Should we leave her at home with one adult, while the other adult took the other two kids?

We decided we were in it as a family and we would cancel our trip to the tubing hill for today and make plans to visit when everyone is well and good. BUMMER.

Pops took Bud and Branch to a new fishing spot and they had the thrill of having a bald eagle fly right over their heads! I am told that they didn't do much fishing - Pops took care of that end. Bud and Branch explored the riverside, found mussels and splashed in the river's edge. A good time can be found even when someone has the nerve to puke and spoil the fun for everyone!


  1. oh thats a bummer! hope she is better soon

  2. Oh! I guess she is all better since we saw you all today!


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