Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wrapping Up "A"

As we wrap up "A" week at our house... I thought I'd share some of what we did. Strangely, the box arrived from Amazon today with all the books with assorted alphabet helps! I am loving the "Museum ABC Book" showing art from The Metropolitan Museum of Art! I also purchased "Flower Fairies Alphabet Coloring Book" and "The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies" which has one section just devoted to the flower fairy alphabet and the art and poems that go with that. Lovely... just lovely! I am so happy that Blossom is loving fairies these days, because she will latch onto this program and fall in love with it just like I am! Finally, "An Alphabet of Catholic Saints" was under the other books and I must say that the art is sweet and endearing and will most likely become a treasured book by our children. So, check that off the list... the books are here! I didn't take pictures most of what we did for A week, here. Lots of letter writing practice, play-doh creating letter "A" (outside on the deck - no play-doh in my home, thanks!), apple pancakes and other assorted "A" things.

I did take a picture of two other things. Blossom cut out the letter A's for the top of this apple pie, Branch put in the bottom crust, helped to chop up the apples (with a food chopper, I didn't exactly hand over the knife), added some spices and sugar, gave it a toss, tasted the filling before it went into the shell, etc... Then we baked it up and enjoyed a tasty dessert 2 nights in a row!!


Then, I got a wild hair. I had seen on a few other blogs that some quite creative people were making little saints for their children to play with as they went along the alphabet. One gal crocheted little darling dolls. Another gal painted pretty little wooden peg-style people. Well, I don't knit or crochet well (ok, that implies I can do it a little... I can do plain knit rows - but I take forever and they are not even and what is fun about that!?!?!), I don't paint very well, but I CAN use a sewing machine! So, I put together a little "A"ngel on Wednesday as a trial go at a small (6" tall) stuffed lovey to see what would happen.


It turned out ok and the girls liked it, so we'll see if I make any more - but I know that I have to AT LEAST make one more or some fighting could occur!


That's all for A week...

"B" week Begins Before Breakfast (Banana Bread anyone?!) Monday!!


  1. We are loving the Alphabe tpath too. i have just finished B week with the girls. It ahs taken us much longer than others though.

    I adore your angel. So cute and making 2 well....that is par for the course here, always.
    Enjoy your B week
    God bless

  2. I love the Angel!! Too cute!! And your pie turned out GORGEOUS!!! YUMMMM!!!!


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