Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Project Completion!

OK - So, I finished sewing the diaper bag I had been working on and I got my maternity skirt hemmed (that I sewed back in early Sept with my mom). It has been "a day" around here, so I am tired and will be a gal of few words.

I like the skirt... Branch loves hers and she loves to be matching! I called my mom to have her check at her fabric store to see if there was a yard or so left there on the bolt to make another one for Blossom. It appears I am in luck and will be sewing with this fabric one more time!


The diaper bag wasn't as complicated as I had it made up to be in my mind. Phew!


I am not sure how I like it... It probably would be better if I really followed all of the directions - including fabric type/weight and other "minor" things such as this. Oh, well - I like how it "looks" but not sure about its functioning. It'll work if I don't figure something else out before December, right?!?!


Good night... goin' to bed. Don't be surprised if you don't hear from me tomorrow! These are long long long days when Pops is out of town!


  1. Super cute!! Loved seeing the pictures and the skirts are adorable! I am amazed at your sewing abilities!!

    Hope you are able to get some rest! Next week it looks like it will be my turn to be on my own with the kids... not looking forward to it in the least... Hope the rest of the week goes by fast for you!

  2. Looking good! Why the face in the last pic? The bag looks good. Love, G.

  3. You look beautiful and so do the skirts!

    I like the bag . . .


  4. Thanks for the kind words.

    I am not "sure" about the bag for a few things. I used a heavier weight fabric than the pattern called for - both inside and out. I am not overly concerned about the outside fabric because I omitted the additional lining support. But, the inside fabric is also a heavier weight fabric and the bag is designed to have plenty of pockets in there to hold all variety of baby items. But, with it being a heavier weight fabric, that means that there is extra bulk.

    I omitted the "bottle pockets which were two additional interior pockets which would have just added MORE bulk and covered access to a portion of 4 pockets. So, I skipped them and I am happy about that "change" in the pattern!

    As for the cell phone pocket - it is on the handle/strap and my fingers are pinching it (right side of the bottom photo). I put it on where the pattern called for. I should have thought that through before just following the instructions. With the pocket there, it will make sense to carry this bag on the right shoulder. However, I ALWAYS carry my bag on my left shoulder! So, either my cell phone will be at my back, or it will be facing me and hitting my armpit. Grrr... I did adjust the cell phone pocket to be a little wider to fit MY cell phone - the pattern designer must have a super skinny cell phone! But, when I did that, I had to change the seam allowances so that the pocket wouldn't get caught up in the seams. But, in doing that, I had to remember it in all of the bag - no just at the end! The smaller seam allowances made it complicated to follow instructions of ironing open the seams - especially with the extra bulk of the fabric.

    Finally, if I were to make this bag again for myself - I would change the interior pockets - or at least on one side! The inside of the bag is circled with pockets from nearly the opening to the bottom seam. That means that whatever you slip into those pockets, will work their way to the bottom of the bag and still be difficult to find. The middle pocket on each side is perfectly sized for a diaper or 3 (even up to the bigger sizes) or one of those travel sized wipe carriers. The side pockets? I guess perhaps a toy/pacifier - but these are some big pockets for little things like that! Maybe my wallet and lipstick can get lost in one of them!

    Finally, and this will all change once the baby is here (I hope!!), see the circle that is formed by the strap and opening of the bag? It is the perfect size to circle the circumference of my bulging belly! Nice, the bag can just rest there on my belly ledge. REAL nice. Yes, there were even pictures taken of that - but, no need to share those, right?!?!

    So, the bag isn't a complete "failure" - it would just probably have been better if I had used at least one fabric in the right weight and changed the pocket sizes and placement! Picky, I'm sure.

  5. i think the bag looks great and i was so excited to see the belly!

  6. I think the bag looks awesome but I like the tummy shots better! You look beautiful! :)


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