Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chop Shop

Branch was in need of a bit of a haircut. The discussion has gone round and round. She was worried that a haircut would mean that she would have hair cut short up near her chin again, and she is really wanting "loooooong" hair.

It was finally discovered that she wanted to go to a "real" salon for a haircut. So, while teh boys were away... the girls did play!! (It's "D"iva week, after all!)


She was really feeling like big stuff climbing up into that salon chair and sitting in front of a mirror so large! But, she tried her best to play it cool.


Before we got to the salon, I asked her what she wanted for her haircut... Just a little bit off the ends to make it even again? A bit of fringey bangs? A whole new style? She responded by telling me that she wanted hair just like mine! (I just got a trim last weekend with a bit of long layers to make it not be so heavy.) Branch said she wanted to look just like me. I melted.


Then I put myself back together. I was at a stop sign and someone was just pulling up behind me and I needed to go, there was no cross traffic!


If she only knew that every time that I go to a salon, I wish that my hair (color, especially) would look just like hers. If it did, then I could have my own little girl hair back!

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