Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shower of Roses

Are you someone who found my blog through Jessica's blog? Are you someone who just reads both her blog and mine? Do you want to have some fun spoiling Jessica just a weeeee little bit? Would you like to join the fun?!

I am trying to help our friend Marci, who is planning a baby shower for Jessica in November. She has a lovely little idea that should be lots of fun if you want to help. (Do you know how hard it is to get this information out and about - when I KNOW that she comes over here and reads a bit on my blog!?!? Hi, Jessica - Go away and pretend that you know nothing of the sort is going on!!!) So, I can't give you all the details exactly, she's probably STILL reading this right now, anyway. So, if you DO want to help (and I know you all will) please leave a comment with your email or SOME way for me to contact you so that I can fill you in on all the fun! OR you can contact Marci at {jaknmak at charter dot net} or on her blog at

It should be a fun fun fun time!! So, join us... but HURRY! The baby shower is quickly approaching! Don't miss out!!


  1. I want to be in on the fun!
    You have my e-mail.

  2. Yes, I did read the whole thing... And now I am dying to know what you are all up to!!!!

  3. J+M+J
    hey.... i have 20 committed as of 10/23!!!! YIKES!!! we're gonna have fun. however, it may not be just and EVENING thing, but a whole day affair~ glad you sent out an offer to help... anyone else out ther dying to get in on the fun???


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