Monday, October 26, 2009

My Daybook, Entry #6

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Monday, Oct 26, 2009...

Outside my window... 54 degrees, gray foggy skies, drizzly rain. Even in the afternoon!! However, this morning, Pops woke me and pointed out our windows at the MOST amazing sunrise... Beautiful blue skies right above the mountains and lots of puffy clouds above that ... in the greatest orange and pink shades to welcome this day!

I am thinking... That I should not stay up so late chatting online with my friend at night!!

I am thankful for... A Saturday spent in town, without children... and a visit to the hair stylist for a cut and color!!! Woooo Hooooo!!!!

From the learning rooms... Fall Break!! We might do "D" week for fun... us girls will be on our own, so perhaps a Diva week would be FUN!!!

From the kitchen...
Monday: Well, I just made a homemade pizza for lunch, so I am stuck on supper for tonight - maybe the girls will want chicken nuggets or fish sticks!! Blech!
Tuesday: Local Mexican Fare
Wednesday: Seems like Meatloaf is calling to me!
Thursday: Breakfast for Supper!! Pancakes or Waffles or even maybe French Toast!
Friday: Crockpot roast & veggies.
Saturday: End of the year "party" at our local farm stand ... followed by tricks and treats downtown!
Sunday: Pops is gonna grill a steak for me - he doesn't know that yet, though!

I am wearing... Charcoal yoga pants with ice blue racing stripes down the sides and a t-shirt. Nothing fancy - the bathrooms and sweeping are calling out in desperation!!

I am creating... A baby!! Pops laid his arm over me while I was asleep this morning and was punched over and over and over again... never even phased me! Last week, we read that an average babe at this age is about 18 inches long and near 5 pounds! It was fun to watch the treekids lug around a five pound sack of potatoes to get a feel for what is hanging on my belly!!

I am going... To miss Pops and Bud while they are in northeast Oregon for their big bull elk hunt this week!!

I am reading... Baby name books... still... again.

I am hoping... That the girls (including me and the dog) do not drive each other crazy this week while we are without our men!!

I am hearing... The girls squealing and playing together... it is gonna turn sour soooooon!!

Around the house... I already mentioned the bathrooms and floors, but we are going to straighten and "nest" - the girls will think it is fun to start to get a few things ready for the baby!!

One of my favorite things... Seeing my kids learning new things. Blossom learned to skip today!! Bud got a new camera and already has figured out the self-timer and can throw the yo-yo down and get it to roll back up!! Branch is in the midst of improving on many things... reading chapter books is making her quite proud of herself lately, and she loves that she needs a bookmark now!

A few plans for the rest of the week... Girls week in (and out)!! I'll be taking them to the Drive-thru zoo, out for a salon haircut for Branch, nail painting for both girls at our fun at home day spa for Diva week, Trick or Treats downtown on Saturday, our own hunting trip to Sears for a possible freezer for the upcoming need of storage for a large elk, and a few other secrets that I am not yet sharing!!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...


Mad Dog Bull Riding Event
Photographer: Branch

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  1. ugh, i keep forgetting to log back in to ichat after the computer does updates (darn itunes, there is an update every week!!)
    cute picture
    did you ever say what happened with bud's pumpkin?

  2. No KIDDING!!! I am STILL tired!! I was fun visiting though! =)

    Hope you are enjoying your week with just the girls!

  3. Having a special time with the girls while the guys are away doing their thing sounds great. Soon there will be another little one. Do you know if it is a girl or boy?
    Mama Bear


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