Saturday, October 17, 2009

She's Got a New Way to Smile...

Smile, Smile!


Pulled all by herself! Her new little gap is shocking to her since it bled a little and left a bit of a red mark in her mouth. She was fine with the whole thing BEFORE the blood... More a girlie girl than I knew!


Wouldn't you know, without the support of the tooth that come out this morning... by the end of the day her mouth was looking different again!


Won't be long before that next tooth falls out! It is hanging on fairly tightly to that last one little bit!

I think that the most fun part of Branch losing her first tooth is that she informed me that she didn't want the tooth fairy to come and take her tooth tonight, UNLESS I would wake her when Pops gets home tonight (around 1 AM if all goes smoothly with flights!) so that she can show her dad her first tooth to fall out. I told her that I thought perhaps waking her at 1 AM might not be the best option and that maybe she could hide the tooth somewhere and put it out for the tooth fairy tomorrow night. She thought that was a lovely idea. She found a zip-top snack bag and a piece of tissue; wrapped her tooth in the tissue to disguise it "just in case" and sealed it into the bag before stashing it in her "unmentionables" drawer!! Gosh, I love that girl!


  1. Oh, she is growing up....first tooth out!!! Looking cute! Love, G.

  2. Wow! My Maddie is growing shark-teeth; her baby teeth are barely loose but her adult teeth have come in behind those incisors (the same one/s that Branch lost).

    Hope the tooth fairy is good to you, Branch! Way to go! :)


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