Sunday, October 18, 2009

Monkey Business

When I was at my folks' house back in September, my mom sent a bit of fabric home with me. I think that she intended to do something with it, but I can't recall what! When I got it home, was putting things away, and was being shadowed by my girl, Branch said "OH! That's cute. What is it for? WHO is it for??" I told her that there wasn't exactly a plan for it yet, but since it was flannel, pajamas would be a great option. She replied, "I like it. I want pajamas from that fabric. WHEN can you make them, for me?"


She has been patient as she knew I had a a few other sewing projects in the works already. But, this evening I said, "Well, what should I sew next?" And she was all over that question with her answer, "My pajamas with the pink with monkeys." Okey Dokey!

I measured the fabric and found that my mom had purchased two yards of this darling fabric. Branch really was wanting a nightgown, but all the patterns that I have for nightgowns in her size call for quite a bit more than two yards of fabric. So, I went to the standard flannel pajama pants as an option and told her that really it is like "mom" since I prefer to wear my soft pajama pants with a tank or camisole to bed. She was hooked and I was on my way!


I made a small alteration to the pattern since she requested a "real" drawstring ribbon to be put in the waistband - because, don't you know, that is how ladies' pajama pants are. (I checked and all of mine DO have that!) It seems that they are a little bit on the "full" side and that is good, I suppose, for wearing them more than one winter - and I didn't cut the length off at the bottom, but instead left a lot of fabric and folded them under so that I can let out the length next fall/winter so that they can still be hers instead of dealing with the drama of passing down her clothes to her little sister who "always gets to have the best things."

I don't know that I fully understand, as I was the little sister and didn't always want to have the hand-me-downs. Some of them were fine, of course, but somehow it seemed so "cool" that my big sister was always wearing something new and not having to wear my old cast offs. So, it is strange for me to see this dynamic from a new angle! Anyway, back to the pajamas...


These ought to fit Branch this year AND next year and she is thrilled. There is about 1/3 of a yard left of this fabric as well as a few additional scraps. Blossom found them on my table and said, "OOOOh! There's more! I want a nightgown to match!"

While she is small... I am not sure that I can work enough magic to create a nightgown for her out of 1/3 of a yard of fabric!! I'll have to dream up a plan tonight!


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