Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Clap, Crack, Crash

In honor of "C" week, I decided to make some yummy "Clone of a Cinnabon" Rolls for this morning. YUM! Pops has planned for a busy day with a ride-along with his bossman. So, Mr. Bossman was arriving at our house just before 7 this morning so that they could head out and be at at a veterinary clinic appointment by 8.

So, I began the process last night of making the dough, rolling it out, adding the butter, cinnamon and sugar, rolling it up, slicing and partially rising the dough. Then I covered the little beauties and popped them into the refrigerator! I wrote a note to Pops and stuck it on the mirror in our bathroom so that he would take them out of the fridge when he got up in the morning so that they would begin to come to room temperature before putting them into the oven. I noted that I would like for him to then wake me around 6 so that I could get them into the oven and make the cream cheese frosting (oh, I'm craving ANOTHER one!!). At around 5:55am, I woke to a warm hand grabbing my hand and Pops' voice saying - "HEY!" (It isn't easy to wake me up... especially when I am wearing earplugs that block up to 31 decibels!) I took out my earplugs and he said, "Listen to THAT!"

Waking up... waking up... waking...

HOLY COW! Clap, Crack, Crash... Gobble Gobble Gobble!!!

THUNDER! A little bit of lightening, and THUNDER! And of course, the wild turkeys were scared of the thunder. I love love love thunder. I laid there with my eyes closed - just listening. Pops came back into our room and chuckled. Apparently I had a nice big smile plastered on my face with my eyes closed! Oh, how I love listening to the clap of thunder, the crash of lightening and the plink plink sound of starting rain and changing to a more shhhhhhhhh sound as it really gets going and falling through the leaves. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning - what a gift!

The only thing missing in the regular weather pattern in my little neck of the woods in Oregon is a good thunderstorm on a regular basis! We haven't had a thunderstorm in our town for nearly 2 years I think. I could be wrong. It might be a year and a half - but I KNOW we didn't have one this spring or last fall!! The best thing about the weather in the midwest is the thunderstorms (when there is no threat of tornados!). Oh, how I miss the thunder.

Of course, my girls are a couple of chicken turkeys and came running out of their room when they heard the thunder (once it got much closer!) and wanted to be where it wasn't so scary... near me! I just tell them how much I love it and that all the noise is like a drummer in a marching band, Heaven's bowling alley or any other boom boom noise I can think of!

The cinnamon rolls turned out beautifully and I had a beautiful dark rainy morning with a hot drink, a hot roll and two, too silly girls! I am hoping for rain all day and a nice afternoon nap!!


  1. That's a great story. I love cinnamon rolls but I quit baking years ago when I started to gain weight so easily.You have a very good learning system using abc's. Doylene

  2. Wow - wild turkeys near you huh? That's funny!

    I love a good thunderstorm too. They seem to talk a lot about them on the weather report here, but we don't get very many.

    Don't ya just love these cozy days?

  3. Oh wow... I am so jealous!!! I love storms too. The most beautiful one I ever saw was in Colorado, though there was a pretty awesome one in eastern Oregon once. I love storms, but only when I am in my house, not driving down Hwy 20, so the one in eastern Oregon did freak me out.
    I can just picture you sitting there all wrapped up with a warm drink and a cinnamon roll... I will be there in an hour... ;) Ok, I wish!!! lol

  4. Love those cinnamon rolls as you well know! And Bud would remind me that I get heartburn when I eat them....too funny! What they remember?!?! But there is always a Tums to make the heartburn go away. :) Enjoy your weather cozy day! Love, G.

  5. A storm and yummy hot cinnamon rolls. Enjoy your nice rainy day...I'm a bit jealous--we just have wind and cold weather.

    I'd love it if you would post your cream cheese frosting?? I love to make cinnamon rolls but I just use a powdered sugar icing and I think the cream cheese sounds so much better. Probably more calories, but oh so yummy!



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