Saturday, October 11, 2008

Well, THAT is a morning sight!!

These 3 deer frequent the area around our house.  Just yesterday, Pops mowed the yard and came inside to say that there were a couple piles of fresh deer... uh, excrement in the yard.  Yea, mmmmhhhhm.  Haven't seen any deer around in the past week.  It has been raining some, so I figured the deer went back up the mountain for their foraging, but... I guess not!  This is the vacant lot next door that Bud, Branch and Blossom affectionately call the "dirt yard."  Plenty of dirt and weeds for the deer to consider for a snack.
Strangely, Bud's GIANT pumpkin patch had been experiencing some decline.  We wondered if something hadn't been stepping on the plants and perhaps eating whole leaves off.  Looks like the proof is in the pumpkin puddin'!  All that lush grass is too much for the deer to leave alone.  So, they clomp through the patch and enjoy the grass and it appears an occasional leaf or even a pumpkin blossom that Wyatt cross-pollinated by hand one evening!
And yes, it is quite possible that this is the culprit who left a pile or two in the yard.  Don't they FLUSH?  Blossom is even avoiding the flush for the noise... darn deer teaching Blossom bad habits.

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