Saturday, October 11, 2008

Something new to learn

Block #3

Ok, I love this block option from Cool Cottons in Portland, OR.  I do have to confess, though, that I altered theirs just a weeee bit.  See all that brown background fabric?  Yea, it was "supposed" to be this puce greenish-brown with these squiggly sort of flowery things in purple, green and turquoise.  Yea, really Americana-ish.  It was plain old ugly.  Pops called it horrendous and said it looked a bit like vomit.  I decided that to put all this work into something and have it turn out with a block with vomit-like horrendous fabric would really make the work a bit sour.  So, I substituted in my lovely neutral brown.  I like it.  No, I now LOVE it.  It is so cute...

OH - but the best part?  I learned something new!  Have you ever heard of paper piecing?  I had not heard of it and neither had my mom!  So, I did what any intelligent YOUNG gal would do.  I consulted my friend, "Google" and located a great how-to!  So, I sewed the pieces all onto the paper pattern and I was in business.  I think that I have a new favorite...  Sorry, #1.

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