Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Block #4

This is the 4 Corners Block from A Common Thread in Portland.  I like it "ok," but I don't really like the fabric choice for the center 4 blocks.  Did you notice that the two paisley prints are the SAME just one is red and one is blue??  I think it would have looked so much better if they would have had all 4 fabrics different or 2 red paisley and 2 blue paisley.  I am willing to take this apart... wanna swap fabric squares, Mom?  I would go for all paisley or all small print and you could do the opposite.  Hmmm...  Sounds like a good plan to me!!

Block #5

This is the block from J & J Fabrics from Canyonville.  It is called London Stars and when I first got the kit from them, I wasn't thinking that this was one that I liked.  But, I like it a lot better "in person" than I do in a picture.  It was a fun one to make, though!

Block A

Uh, well, Bud was home with me this evening while the girls went with dad to their cheer clinic and then a volleyball game.  So, he did lots of little boy things like MightyMind and SuperMind,  BrainPOP, Webkinz, legos, drawing and then I thought he was going to go read in his room, when he told me that he wanted to have a quilt block and he wanted to learn how the sewing machine works!!  I later learned from Pops that my sewing machine is basically a power tool!  Well, then... So, we gathered up some scraps and Bud chose what he would like his block to look like.  Did you see that background choice??  Remember how I was telling you that I omitted a background from Block #3 and used some other scraps I had at home?  He found the cast aside fabric square and CHOSE it for his background!!  I almost couldn't believe it.  But in the spirit of encouragement and free choice... I said, great!  Now, what would you like to do with THAT fabric?  So, there ya have it - an "Uncle Sam Hat" with an interesting background!!  Glad he could find it beautiful - but I sure didn't like the look Pops gave me when he thought I pawned off the choice fabric to his son!  Ah, well... I'll keep working and hopefully love some of the other fabric!

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