Saturday, October 11, 2008

Squash Patch

As if we haven't had enough stuff to do today... we had a request to go to Mary's Garden to pick pumpkins.  So, off we went wondering just who would find the biggest, the orangest, the tallest, the smallest, the fattest or the skinniest pumpkin of them all!!!  Mary's Garden has a great hay rack ride that is hay and itch free!!  Woooo Hooo!!  It is a little hard to see, but we had benches to sit on - cute green and orange benches.

It was a nice ride out to the patch.  We all thought it was fun when Mary drove the tractor under the road and down by the river to get over to the pumpkins.  Excitement all around...
Pops hopped off the tractor and stalked right over to a pumpkin and said, "Look at that stem.  It is HUGE!!  That is mine!"  He usually peruses for a while before choosing, but he knew it this time!!
Blossom wanted to find a "tute, wittle one" and she found one that she could carry all by herself!  She then went hunting around for other small ones and realized that she was "far, far away" from everyone else and decided that she couldn't get over the vines and started bellerin' like a lost baby calf.  Lovely.  And we had repeat performances... beautiful.
Branch found many that she HAD to have.  Pops tried to convince her to find ONE that she liked, but she came home with a few.

Bud searched high and low for the best of the best.  He went and asked Mary where her largest pumpkin was located.  She said that she wasn't sure, but that it likely was in the area where Pops found his.  Bud wasn't convinced and continued his search ALL over the patch.

I enjoyed watching everyone hunt for their special squash that will soon enough be squashed.  

I chose a tall and thin with leaves and curls still attached!  

Here is our squash haul.  As you can see in the photo, we brought home more than Pumpkins!! We also got a Cinderella Pumpkin (the deep reddish orange one), a Sweet Meat (the slate green winter squash), an acorn squash (small dark green squash with a yellow-orange spot), a spaghetti squash (thin yellow-orange squash beside the sweet meat), and a kuri squash (small red squash a the base of the photo).  We had fun and have a nicely decorated front porch for now.  

The carving will begin soon to get those seeds out for roasting!!  And, I am planning to roast and puree the cinderella and sweet meat - wish me luck!!  I will keep ya posted on how all of our carving and roasting turn out!

Have a great time picking squash at your patch!

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