Thursday, October 30, 2008

Preschool Spookiness

Today, Blossom's preschool celebrated Halloween together by wearing their costumes, listening to seasonal stories, coloring fall pictures for a coloring contest at the local grocery store, eating snacks... and bunches of other fun things that I can't hear more about than, "it was so fun, mama!"  Our little blossom was a "cheerleader" and I fully expected that she would dress in one of the two dress-up costumes that she has for playtime... but NO NO NO!!  She was nearly in tears!  She knew that this summer outfit was SOMEWHERE and she needed to wear real cheer clothes!  So, I scrounged up the pink shirt to wear under the VERY summery shirt!  It turned out cute and no one mistook her costume for "play."  She was a REAL cheerleader!
I was signed up to bring snacks for today... and made a little cake to take for the kids!  Bud and Branch were a little jealous... but I had made a couple of baby bundt cakes to make each of them their own mini pumpkin.  I would load pics of them... but they were half eaten before I took pictures of them!  Hope you have had fun getting ready for your happy halloween!

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