Saturday, October 11, 2008

Summer Adventure leads to this...

This is my first quilt block of my first EVER quilt.

Mom visited us here in Oregon this summer and we went on the Shop Hop at quilt shops around the state.  Each shop designed a quilt block around the theme of Americana and the fancy blue fabric with hearts.  You visit the shop, they stamp your paper and give you a little packet with the fabric and pattern needed to make their signature block.  Mom and I collected 20 shops' blocks.  

Some lovely gal at Joy of Quilting in Florence, OR designed this block.  It is one of my favorites because it looked like a very easy block to assemble for a first block and a VERY beginner quilter!  I am pleased to report that it truly was simple and my confidence is high.  Maybe I will just finish this whole quilt thing after all!  

Don't hold your breath for all future blocks to look so well.  Many are quite a bit more challenging!

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