Monday, October 13, 2008

Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah!

The girls are all signed up for a cheer clinic and Girl OH Girl are they excited!!  They learned a cheer tonight and played lots of fun games in their pre-k/k group.

Here Blossom is running away from the"goose."  And just who did she goose in the pond of ducks?  But, of course... Branch was a great goose!
It was sort of comical.  Every time Blossom was goosed and had to goose the ducks, let me repeat, EVERY TIME - she goosed Branch!!  Silly girl!  But, in her defense... every time Branch was goosed and she had to pick amongst the ducks, she picked a little girl wearing a Hello Kitty t-shirt!!
Getting jiggy with it with the cheerleaders was a hit with the girls, but concerned me.  The mother.  I was concerned.  Yes, deeply concerned.  Blossom was "jiggy with it" at her small age of 3 much better than the over 5 crowd.  hmmm... visions of years to come.
Oh, the determination!!  She was really trying her best at doing her thing!  More cheers tomorrow and Wednesday.  They will perform at half-time of the football game.  An exciting week this week, eh?

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