Thursday, October 23, 2008


Bud and I went and did a few errands together today after we watched this video. Click on this link and go have a look and listen. I knew that things weren't made like they were a long time ago... but, WOW! Some of this is very interesting. Go check it out! It sure sparked conversation on our trip to town and in the store...

Go watch the video and come back and jump in the leaves around here and tell me what YOU thought!


  1. sorry, it sounded like some liberal propaganda crap to me. i couldnt make it through the whole thing. as soon as she made the snide 'our govt spends 50% of its money on the military' i started to lose interest. i am all for conservation and such but i dont like 'trashing' our country to make your point.

  2. Well, I don't really agree with or like the whole "story" but I was interested in the "Yellow Arrow" stuff... in the consumption section. It is interesting to me what she had to say in that section... click on "consumption" above the video screen. It interesting what she has to say about how our consumerism sort of began. Certainly somethings to think about in that bit. Again, I don't think that her whole movie is great - but an interesting thing to ponder in regard to our consumption of "STUFF".


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