Monday, October 27, 2008

Carving the Squash

The deed is done.  The faces are created.  Here is a peek into the process...
Draw the face that you would like on your pumpkin.
Have Pops carve out the design and then munchkins pull pieces apart.
De-seed the squash, being extra careful to get all seeds into the bowl, please!
Oh, yea - THAT bowl!  And, just this once, sitting, standing, crawling on and around the table will be forgiven!
Itty Bitty pumpkin is Blossom's.  The bigger one in the back is Branch's.
This is Branch's pumpkin, too.  (Recall our trip to the pumpkin patch where she couldn't choose just one pumpkin??  Well, here she had to make a face for them both!)
This is my squash, carved for me by Pops.  I just picked a face off of a photo that I saw and I was pleased to stay pumpkin slime-free!!
Here is Bud's Vampire Pumpkin - he would like to know that it frightened you!
Pops enjoyed carving a nice big smile on his pumpkin that was huge however had very few seeds for the roasting... My tall and thin was chock full o' seeds!
Here's the whole crew of pumpkins together!
Hope they don't all rot before this weekend!

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