Friday, October 24, 2008

Good Grief, eh?

Miss Branch was invited to a Halloween Costume party.  She wanted to be a rodeo queen/cowgirl this year and lucky for me, we had nearly all parts of her costume lying around the house... except for some SCHNAZZY cowgirl boots that Geemah and PopPop sent a couple weeks ago and a "sash" that I have to make for trick-or-treat night.  

She was so proud of herself all gussied up for the party and wanted pictures taken...  The sun was really bright and there wasn't a nice shady spot outside... so, sorry about the harsh shadows on her face!  And look at those LONG legs!! She must have grown 6 inches in the past month or so!
But, here's the kicker picture... yes, she is a bit dolled up with her beauty make-up... "just like mom" she kept saying as I applied various mixes and potions to her precious baby face...
The woman hosting the party kept telling me how pretty Branch is and that she must be a model... I was just having a hard time seeing her next to her friend who was a full 6 inches shorter.  Now, she had her boots and her hat on... but she looked like a giant at the party!  Hard for mama to see her baby girl growing up!  She had a great fun time and brought home some treats to share with Bud and Blossom.  

Yes, NO MAKE-UP until she is 21 or 31... we haven't decided!

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