Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cheer Show!

Well, the girls had a great time for the end of Cheer Clinic!  When we arrived for the performance, there were tattoos, t-shirts, pictures, games to play,

and a little bit more practice, too!
Then it was half time and time to get out there and do your thing, do your thing, do your thing, STOP.  Oh, wait, that was just a game!  Oooops... Here Blossom is doing "Orange, Black" and Woohoooo Spirit!!
Strangely, the girls are standing next to each other, but I can't get ONE picture that shows both their faces together!!  The cheerleaders did not arrange the small fries and therefore, some of the tallest girls are in the front and the shortest in the back.  Oh, well!  This is Branch makin' the "O" in G-O Go {Team} GO!!
The little cheerers did their routine twice - once for each side of the field.  Blossom didn't make it to the second side.  She had a major melt-down and needed O-U-T!!  So, she came out, got re-fueled with snacks and thought it was fine enough to go back in a gain, but the little girls were done and the high schoolers were on to their regular cheering life without their young admirers.  Branch did not finish early... here she is yelling about some tacos or burritos or guacamole.  Yea, strange - but the kids loved it.  You'll have to ask her to show you her about "Hey, Burrito!"
To finish the evening, backs of t-shirts were signed by some of the much admired cheerleaders by the little admirers!

I say... Yoo Hooo!  Yea Rah!!  Cheer Clinic is done - this was too busy of a week!!  :)  

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