Friday, March 26, 2010

Soaring High

A beautiful sight over our house this past weekend. . .


I am hoping that this beautiful Bald Eagle comes back for another visit and soars over our house for a while, again. We watched for a while until it appeared that he/she (I didn't get the census count on the local eagle population) found something for dinner and dove off out of sight.

It was a real treat to see. Thank you Bud for staring off into the clear blue skies!!

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  1. Wow - isn't that cool?!

    We live near a wetland area and there are a couple of bald eagles living there. Once in while we see an eagle go right over our house, so close actually, that we can see his eyes. They are so beautiful.

    But I think he is eyeballing my hens! I don't know if he would ever really be brave enough to come into our yard to get one.



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