Thursday, March 18, 2010

Craft Basket Wednesday: Birthday Edition


I am exhausted. I am working on filling in the lost hours of sleep. My project was "fun" but possibly a one time gig! It is partially finished and partially not!

I have finished several items like this...

Breakfast: Bacon, Eggs and Toast

Lunch: Bow-Tie Pasta with Butter

While the main item that I made for Blossom's birthday is THIS...


It is not finished because I didn't have time to get to a big plumbing location where I could get all the PVC parts that I needed to make a "frame" for this to sit on. Since I didn't have the appropriate frame, I didn't make the additional support needed to go on the top to hold things in place. However, it doesn't seem to matter to Blossom, and that is REALLY all that matters! She LOVES it and is always playing! Yippppeeee! I plan to share more pictures of this kitchen later when I have some good up-close pics. I am also considering spending the time to add the other details that I had hoped to add, but ran out of time! Like, cupboard doors under the sink!!

I hope to finish it soon and will take more and BETTER pictures of the kitchen to share! As far as the food... I was given a list of items that need to be added to the selection! So, I will keep making some delicious items for Blossom to cook up in her new kitchen!

Go visit Amy and see what she or anyone else is up to and crafting these days!


  1. That kitchen is incredible! The food is so cute! WOW! I bet your daughter just LOVES her birthday present!! I can't wait to see more photos!

  2. Dear Elm,
    That is a great project. Of course whe will love it.
    Our children love felt food. They actually make it for each other and love giving it away as well as making it.
    You did a fantastic job on this. Please show ome more photos.
    God Bless

  3. Very cool - What a great idea!

    Good job!

  4. That is so awesome! Even better than what I was picturing when you explained it to me! Oh, I bet she loves it!!

  5. A-HEM. You forgot "what's for dinner."


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