Friday, March 19, 2010

Focus Pocus Friday :: Bibbity Boppity Boo, I'm Starting Something New


Over the past few weeks, I have posted several pictures from the buried treasure files from days gone by. I found that I got a real kick out of seeing these old pictures and enjoyed sharing them here. I am sad in these days of the digital age that I don't have the same kinds of photo albums that my mom and dad had with those cute small round corner photos. I can still remember the smell of those photo albums... (Hey, mom and dad - maybe you should bring that old white album with you when you come out next month!!)

Anyway, I know that I could scrapbook - I tried. Really, I did. Then I had a second baby. I could NEVER get my supplies out, a page finished and everything put away before nap time was over. So, I put away all my supplies and hoped to one day have a special craft room where I could leave things out if I started on a scrapbook. Then, I had another baby and my hopes for a room all for my crafting was put up on the top shelf of my closet. Maybe SOME day... but no day soon!

So, I looked into digital scrapbooking. A GREAT idea, yes? But, I now am chasing three kids and homeschooling them and now another baby, to boot! So, this blog is as good as it gets for keeping track of the growth of the kids and the stories that might otherwise be put into a scrapbook (and I don't have to learn to write scrolly fancy letters!). But, I have all these pictures that haven't made it to this place I call a family journal. So, today I begin a project of "focus pocus" and sharing a "magic moment" from the past. Join me on my journey into the past!

First up:
Winter Formal 1996

Isn't this an OLD picture! Pops and I look like such baby faces!! Here, we had been dating for a year and several months. I don't remember much about this particular "date" other than it was a formal that was hosted by Pops' Fraternity. It was probably at some fancy place since we were all fancied up. But, it makes me think back to those days of dating...

One of our first few dates sticks out in my mind - Pops might be a better story teller at this, as my memory fades some... But, we were riding along in Pops' Blue Chevy Beretta going - who knows where... dinner, movie, party, who knows. The part I remember is being a freshman in college, fresh "on my own," sitting in the seat, next to this cool guy I'd recently met, riding along listening to some country station (probably Froggy 98 or 96 KX, you Lincoln-ites!) when out of nowhere, one of my pet peeves surfaced.

Pops was popping his gum.

Pet peeves of mine tend to be noise related it seems and once I recognize one of my pet peeve noises, I can NOT shake it. So, no matter if I would have turned up the tunes, rolled down the window, got Pops talking, the popping gum would continue to annoy me. So, I sat there gritting my teeth. I wondered if this relationship could go anywhere with him being someone who would pop his gum. I wondered if I should just have him take me back to my dorm. I wondered what I should do. Was this a make or break "thing" for me?

Before I knew what I was even doing, I reached across the car and swiped my finger through his mouth and pulled the gum right out of his lips. I pulled my hand back quickly and stared at my fingers. I couldn't believe what I had just done. I was holding a wad of chewing gum in my fingers. What was I thinking?!! Wow. Uh, what do I do with this glob of chewed gum, now? I turned to Pops and said "Don't pop your gum." I felt really really really dumb. I figured he'd never call again. But, at least I wasn't annoyed for the rest of the evening, I figured. Apparently it was a make or break issue for me!

Pops' thoughts:

Definite "mommy" material, here. I was sold.


  1. Funny! And a wonderful new series. Always good to stroll down memory lane and thanks for taking us with! Love you all, G.

  2. Erica,
    I always love seeing these old photos of the "good old days." You guys were cute! Not that you aren't now, but you know what I mean.

    Thanks for the story too. You are braver than I would have been!

  3. That is so funny!!!!! I love LOVE love that picture! I bet he doesn't pop his gum anymore, huh?


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