Monday, March 22, 2010

Police Logs

Do your read the police log in your local Sunday paper?? We do... to make us feel GOOD! Why, you wonder?? Well, before we lived here in Southwest Oregon, we lived on the outskirts of Memphis. Just imagine the police logs there... we had a murder less than a 1/4 mile from our house. So, let me just share our local paper's Police Log from Sunday's paper... without city and street names, anyway!

I will bold and underline the times of the incidents that are particularly "interesting" to me.


9:45 am - Attempted theft of fuel from a home in the 300 block...
10:59 am - Criminal mischief to a vehicle in the 77200 block...
11:11 am - Tools and a camera were reported stolen from a vehicle in the 2700 block...
1:00 pm - Vehicle was stolen from a home in the 600 block...
2:44 pm - Hedges were cut down without permission of the homeowner in the 4100 block...
4:54 pm - Criminal mischief to a door in the 1600 block...
7:33 pm - Two juveniles were reportedly shot by pellet guns in the 300 block...
8:07 pm - A man reportedly rode his bicycle to a home in the 9700 block..., threatened the resident with the butt of a gun and demanded $3. The victim refused and the man left.


1:53 pm - Mail theft reported in the 1000 block...
9:16 am - Theft of medications in the 1100 block...
11:16 am - Theft in the 3400 block...

I realize it would be best if there was no incidents to report, but since we have some incidents around here... I guess I am "glad" that this is what we read for our county!

PS: $3? Really just three dollars was all he needed and used a gun to get it? Once he was told "no," he left? And, someone was willing to say, "No you can't have $3" when the person asking for it was standing there with a gun? I guess I don't know what I would have done if that person rode his bike up to my house! I am stunned over the $3, though!! Maybe I should put a $5 bill in an envelope and tape it near the door... just in case!!


  1. Yes, I often read the police logs, and find some of them are sort of funny . . it's surprising what people will do, and what they will call the police for.

  2. That is so funny! I snorted over the $3 and then had to explain to everyone!

  3. Hey, honey - thanks for the lunch money taped to the door!
    - POPS

  4. That's funny :) I grew up in a small upper middle class neighborhood and when we read the police blotter, we knew who they were talking about haha! It was mostly just school kid someone stealing the Bob's big boy "Big Boy" statue and placing it on the front lawn of the High school :)

  5. I charge interest on all loans - even $5 loans, POPS. If you'd used a gun and force, that fiver woulda been yours free and clear. Although, it would have shown up in the local paper's police log.

  6. While I often lament how far long it takes to drive to Target, I love living somewhere unexciting (crimninal-activity-wise, that is). I'm thinking about posting money on my door, too--it eliminates those pesky interruptions like (less than committed) armed robbers.

  7. Ummm...sorry about the typos above. Guess I shouldn't be multi-tasking!


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