Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Daybook, Entry #26

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Tuesday, March 23, 2010...

Outside my window... Overcast. Some fogginess. I cannot see the mountain top this morning. It is a chilly 44 degrees at 9:30am. I wonder what the temperature will be when I finish this post. I never seem to get one of these daybook posts done in one sitting! I'll revisit this question before posting... It is now 11:30 and 56 degrees and the clouds are blowing away, the fog is burning off and the sun is shining!

I am thinking... that I need to re-teach my girls how to wash their own hair. Too many tangles getting out of the bath or shower means we need a beauty-salon-at-home day!

I am thankful for... spray in conditioner/detangler!!

From the learning rooms... a used set of Encyclopedias from the reference shelves at a local library are now ours! Yippeeeee! (Hardly used and full of beautiful pictures and only $30 for the whole set!!)

From the kitchen... my supper plans

Tues: meatloaf, potatoes & carrots
Wed: HELP!! I need a new recipe suggestion!!! REALLY - please help me!!
Thurs: either something in the crockpot or something from the drive-thru! (Little Flowers an hour away, ending at 5 pm)
Fri: Sturgeon for Pops and I, Fish Sticks for the kids??
Sat: Ground Beef and Cabbage stir-fry
Sun: Cornish Game Hens (Any idea on how to prepare these? They are already purchased!)
Mon: Breakfast!!

I am wearing... Too strange to mention, but I will. I should have thought through my outfit better. Anyway, a pair of capri length leggings that are blue with a lime green stripe up the side. I have on a hot pink t-shirt. My hair is back in a braid. I am hoping that no one comes to the door today - or, maybe I should go change my clothes!

I am creating... children who love to ask me to make something and expect it will be available for their use the next morning. Ooops! I need to make that promised baby sling for Branch to cart her dolls around in!!

I am going... to find out if the heat is even on!?! I am COLD! Maybe I will change my clothes today by adding warm socks and a sweatshirt!! The pants are still pretty bad, though!

I am reading... the backs of cereal boxes at breakfast. Not much, in other words!

I am hoping... that I find time to deal with the black bananas hanging on the fruit bowl. Banana bread sounds tasty to me, how about you?!

I am hearing... Branch and Bud talking to Bump and playing a music box for him. Blossom asking me what I want to eat (she's playing restaurant!). Bark is snoring.

Around the house... I want a maid. My birthday is coming. I want a maid service for life. But, I want that maid to do more than a normal "maid." I want mine to make decisions on all that general paper clutter and the like, too. I want her/him to clean all the normal stuff like bathrooms and floors and kitchens and dust. I want all the cobwebs taken care of. I want laundry washed and dried and folded and put away. I want a dream for around the house.

One of my favorite things... daydreaming!!! I have to put TWO today. I also LOVE how my kids take care of me... When I said, "I'm cold and my feet are Freeeeeeezing!" My kids come to my rescue with socks. First, a pair that they like, I say it isn't warm enough. They run to go get a different pair. Again, not a favorite of mine, so they race to put those back and bring a different pair! I now have a thick pair of soft warm fuzzy socks on!! Woooo Hooooo!

A few plans for the rest of the week... school work, house work, library, Little Flowers, groceries, POST OFFICE, etc...

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...



St Patrick's Day 2010
I "bribed" smiles out of them with these simple cookies!!!

PS - I think that this is the 3rd year for these "green" shirts from Target!!
I am definitely getting my $5 out of each of them!!!

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  1. LOL at the "Irish Eyes are Smilin'" picture! Bud is looking a little put-out even though these cute shamrock cookies should have done the trick! :D
    Aunt S.

  2. My mom used to have a maid. I will never forget how we had to clean up before the maid came, lol.


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