Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Craft Basket Wednesday


I am jazzed to get to say I was at my sewing machine again!!

I have wanted to work on a nursing cover since BEFORE Bump was born, but I never made the time. Now, if we go somewhere, I have to make a somewhat feeble attempt to nurse him with a blanket trying to cover up "the goods" while he is fussing and trying to pull the blanket away. I can only imagine... it must be hot under the blankets that I have, he is getting big enough where he kind of likes to have roaming eyes while nursing and see what all is out there in the big world, if he isn't looking around - he is looking at me, and again he can't see through the blanket so he can't see me. So, I was really wishing for a nursing cover - a "hooter hider" as some call them. I think that there is even a brand called hooter hider! Isn't that a "hoot"!!??!

Well, I found a pattern/tutorial over at Make It And Love It for a reversible nursing cover and I took what she had... measurements and such and made my own version!

(Thanks for modeling, Branch!!)

I LOVE the fabric... and if you "know me," you'll know that this fabric is just nearly perfect for me!! This cover is reversible, but I like the cowpokes on the outside and the brands on the inside best!


My other favorite bit about this nursing cover is that there is a bit of boning sewed into the top seam to sort of hold the fabric out and away from my neck/chest so that I can see in and Bump can see out! So, he can look at the fabric option on the inside or he can look up and see me or light or whatever is on the ceiling!!


We have had one opportunity for usage in public. It was a great success! I am thrilled with the end product and thrilled to have found time to play on my machine again!!

Go visit Amy and see what she or anyone else is up to and crafting these days!


  1. Your model is quite gorgeous. I believe she has a future at this but maybe more age appropriate attire! Glad you are enjoying your creative side using your sewing machine. Love, G.

  2. Cute, cute fabric. Love the names of the cowboys (I see Hap there, and Pole Cat).

    Good job!


  3. looks awesome. i have an actual hooter hider, though they changed their name to babe au lait, though you can still have it say hooter hider if you want

  4. I love the cowboy names, too! Hal, Hap, Tex Jed, Jeb, Squirt (for a very young looking cowpoke), and many others!! I LOVED the fabric!!

    babe au lait is cute - although I do like "hooter hider"!!

  5. That is great!!! I love the fabric too!! So fun!

  6. Looks how it turned out! And thanks for the link!



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