Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Goodnight, Day.

Have you ever had one of those days that started out shaky and then took off and was kind of great!?! Then it went along and was decent, then ok, then where has this morning gone, then... and now it is 11:30 PM and I wonder where the day went.


Days like today make me wish for more days that start like this picture of a morning too long ago out my bedroom window. Serene, quiet, calm, breath-taking. And then have the same sort of feel ALL DAY long!

Today was spent doing school work, nursing Bump, working on a small project, nursing Bump, feeding all the big mouths, nursing Bump, cleaning up after everyone, nursing Bump, attempting to finish that small project, nursing Bump, nursing Bump, nursing Bump, nursing Bump... I am sooo close to having my project finished to show on "Craft Basket Wednesday" but, I am seriously gonna pull my hair out if my precious Bump wants to nurse every 60 to 90 minutes from 6:20 am through to 10:00 pm, again, tomorrow!!!

AND not sleep in between for more than 20 minutes.

AND make two big messy, uh, mmm, well, messes in his "shorts" that didn't stay in his shorts - that means he wore three outfits today plus pajamas in the morning and a pajama tonight when I put him to bed (yes, that is 5 outfits today). So, I have more laundry to add to my list of "to do."

AND he smiled and laughed, cooed and blew bubbles over and over and over today.

And he steals my heart and won't give it back...

and that is one reason a mother can stick with it all when the marvelous sleeping through the nights hits a tailspin and there isn't enough sleep, again.

Well, I'm off to dreamland where I get 9 - 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep - OK OK ok, more realistically I am off to where I *hope* for 5 hours of continuous sleep tonight. in a bed. G'nite world. Sleep tight!

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