Saturday, March 20, 2010

Has it really been 4 months??!?

Already, our little Bump is getting so BIG!

He sucks on his thumb, fingers, wrist, fist... any thing to get something into that mouth of his!!


He is blowing bubbles and making spits at us all the time. And he cracks himself up doing it!


He loves for me to make lots of little kisses on his jaw and kind of tickle his collarbone area with my chin... he will LAUGH and giggle when he is wanting to play. He is also VERY ticklish in his little armpits! His feet are fair game for tickling, too - but watch out!! He WILL kick the tickler's hand!!

He has mostly good nights where he sleeps for 7 hour stretches (I LOVE this!) and is getting a tiny bit more regular on a napping kind of schedule. Although the naps are still kind of sporadic, I know that when he is awake it will normally be for one hour up to two and a half hours.


Bump loves to interact with his siblings and Pops, too... it isn't an "All Mommy, All Times" show around here anymore! He likes to listen to Blossom sing... when she finds the right song. He likes to watch Bud cross his eyes and stick out his tongue and say, "whatcha doin?" (He probably thinks in reply... "uh, just laying here kickin' and chillin' like the last time I saw ya.") And, Bump LOVES to laugh with Branch. They smile and giggle at each other. Branch's hair is fair game for pulling, already!!


With Pops, Bump likes to play "3...2...1... BLAST OFF!" and shoot up into the air and drop drool bombs on everyone! Great fun for "all"! Pops has been quite instrumental in helping Bump learn how to do the bubbles and spits... Thanks for that! HA. However, once Bump started spitting now and then, we have all taken the opportunity to spit back.

I am not sure of his weight, length, etc... as his 4 month appt is on the 31st of March. BUT, I will take a guess and say that he will weigh in near 18 pounds or so... Give or take several ounces! I'll keep you posted on that front!


Thanks for jumping in and leaving your thoughts!!

I sure like to know who enjoys playing around the treehouse!