Thursday, March 4, 2010

Elusive Creature

Bud is growing up I do believe. He is less and less likely to be found haunting the pages of this blog. He runs from the camera most days it seems. Or makes those goofy faces so that I won't take pictures. Oh, the days of a little boy smiling in a cherubic way for the camera are LONG gone. If I don't want a crossed-eye photo or a tongue licking the nose photo... I guess I will settle for things like these:


He is working on a Social Studies/Art project.


We are finishing up our unit on Europe and he chose a project to work on and I was lucky enough to catch a few photos before he got too irritated with me!!


The finished project is quite cool. I will give my best effort to do the "Yes, YOU WILL smile for the camera while holding your project" mom instructions tomorrow. Then I will share more about the project he chose and hopefully a decent picture or two!!

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  1. Looks like he is doing a very good job at this project. I am wondering what this project is all about. Will be waiting to find out! Love, G.


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