Friday, September 30, 2011

7 Quick Takes - 1

--- 1 ---

I am trying a new Friday "thing." Seven quick takes that I might've, should've, could've written this week, but for some reason or other didn't find, make or take the time to write. Sometimes I might add pictures sometimes, not.

--- 2 ---

We are in Texas. This is a FIRST for me and the treekids. I am sitting in SanAntonio in a Marriott hotel with a balcony that overlooks the Riverwalk. Planning to visit some good stuff today and this weekend!! But, I have to step a bit out of my comfort zone to do it. Pops will be in and out of a veterinary conference all weekend, so I will be in a BIG city with my kids alone (mostly) which kind of makes me want to just curl up and hide in the hotel room. Mid-sized or small towns do not illicit the same response from me.

--- 3 ---

On our way to San Antonio, we stopped off in Austin, yesterday. My good friend from college just had her first baby - nearly two months old, now! We enjoyed stopping and visiting and snuggling the bundle of love. The treekids... enamored. Completely. Nice that she was a feather-weight! No one complained that she was too heavy to hold for very long (like they did with our Bump!!) Was great to see KQB and BBQ!! :) Hope to catch them when we are all up in Nebraska, again!

--- 4 ---

Bump talks. I didn't really know this might be a bit of a feat with three big sibs talking for him all the time. BUT, he says LOTS of words. Favorites: football, ball, kick, run, catch, back off, {family members' names}, soccer ball, no way, potty, poop, pot (yes, we are trying to teach potty training), yes, lemonade, milk, chocolate, candy (bribes MIGHT be involved), YAY!, hot potato, Buzz -n- Woo, shoe, sock, pants, me, Nebraska, Go Big Red, among others...

--- 5 ---

"Fancy" hotels kind of annoy me. I love staying at a regular plain ol' Holiday Inn Express - I like the newer, cleaner, updated ones best. They offer free WiFi and a nice breakfast to take your kids to that doesn't cost three legs and 6 arms. THis lovely Marriott has smaller beds, a smaller room, no breakfast, no Free WiFi ($13/day and I can't get an email sent out on it to save my life. Emails come in, web browsing works, emails will not go out of my mail program. Grrrr.) all for more than double the price. LOVELY!

--- 6 ---

We finished our First Unit in our History Study. It was good, successful, and the lapbooks and presentations for Pops seemed to go over well. Next week we'll get to working on Unit Two. If you homeschool and don't follow a boxed curriculum with lesson plans laid out for you, how do you know if you are pushing your kids too fast and how do you know if you aren't pushing them fast enough?? I just want to know if my feelings on it are in tune with any one else's!!

--- 7 ---

I hope to create a daily schedule. One for me, one for the kids - I hope that it will help us to better accomplish all that we need and hope to complete. Do you have ANY ideas on a good schedule or books to help me get there??

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  1. I would like to officially welcome all y'all to our fine nation, sorry, state.

  2. Ahh! You are in TX now... and I will be there in 3 weeks!!!

    Yay on finishing the first Unit! We are still working on our first Unit of History, and hopefully will wrap it up over the next couple weeks... We only have 6 units for the year, and I'm planning 5-6 weeks for each one. My kids are always more than eager to do History, Geography, etc... It's the Math and Spelling that I struggle with pushing them hard enough in...

    It's hard to create your own schedule, and one for your kids, and even harder to find the perfect book, since every family is so unique. I'd love to hear if you find anything!!

  3. Love this Friday idea - it means at least one update a week! YAHHH!

    Aunt Lisa


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