Monday, September 12, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest...

Yesterday, we drove out to Pops' folks' home to go to their church bazaar. We arrived in time to buy a few raffle tickets in hope of winning the high prize of $350!! Each treekid had a ticket put in the drawing with their name and they were so excited about the possibility of winning BIG! A little while after their names were entered, Blossom asked Grandma, "When will they do the coloring?"

HUH? WHAT? Who is coloring what?

{Uncle and Blossom sit in Uncle's NEW ginormous tailgate chair bought at the bazaar auction}

Oh, she wanted to know when they will hold the DRAWING to hopefully call out her name as the big winner!! No winner, winner, chicken dinner in our family. Bummer. She should have won the coloring contest!!

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