Tuesday, September 6, 2011


It has been a while since I stopped and left a note here about what we are doing. I could make plenty of real excuses... do you wanna hear some of them??? I will start with the most recent and work backwards.

Last night, I thought it might be nice to show some recent pictures, but I had to email some files off to another homeschooling mom and the download speed was .07 mbs and the upload speed was .04 mbs. That means that I gave up watching for the email to leave my box after a half hour of patience and went to bed instead of hoping that I could upload some pictures to the web. Wasn't happening!

Yesterday, we spent many hours at our storage garage going through some of the last of our boxes... I have about 2 large laundry baskets full of books that will need to make their way to the paperback swap site sometime and another hefty load of homeschool curriculum type things that need to find new homes. Pops discovered some broken kitchen items and we got to look at our pretty dishes and then wrap them back up in paper. The treekids did well with a handful of toys that they hadn't seen since February and some books that had also been packed away! I had a couple of incidences that I would rather forget, but just can't. I was reaching (stupidly, I know) for a box and it was heavy, so I started to tilt it toward me to get it down. When what to my surprise came sliding down off of the top... a marble chess board - right onto the bridge of my nose. I saw stars. We have a deep freeze there and a bag of Skittles out of the freezer came in handy over my nose - looked silly, but felt nice. It is swollen and it hurts, still. About 45 minutes later, I made a nice big cardboard cut on my finger - luckily a tube of antibacterial ointment and a box of bandages were nearby! I would have liked to leave then, but there was work to do and I worked until my shoulders were sore and my "bad elbow" was screaming out for me to quit.

On Sunday Pops took Bud, Blossom & Bump to the NE State Fair for a birthday celebration with family for his Grandmother's 80-somethingth. They had a great time and arrived home around 8pm. Branch and I stayed home. She had a bout with the ... uh, well, mmm... stomach bug the night before. So, she watched movies and I cleaned and organized our space.

Saturday... look for pictures sometime (when the internet speed isn't sooooo slow) of our FUN at Memorial Stadium. We had so much fun at the Husker game!! It was an all day affair, though. We were TIRED!!

Friday, I took the treekids to Omaha and visited the Omaha Children's Museum. We loved having fun there. They are scheduling a trip to go again this winter - BEFORE JANUARY so we can see the Dinosaur area before it leaves and heads to another museum! After that, we met Pops out at his folks' farm for a delicious supper of marinaded roast on the grill, salad, corn, and tomato pie (way better than it sounds... it neeeeeds a new fancy name!).

Thursday, the treekids and I spent some time in the RV Park pool while Pops was away in Iowa. We also got our introductory day out of the way for our schooling. We spent time learning to fold paper for our projects, talking about what we will be doing this year and getting psyched up for the new year's fun!

Wednesday, Pops and all the treekids went out to Grand Island for a day at the State Fair. They had a great time enjoying all that the fair has to offer. I stayed home and finished the lesson plans for our History Study, organized our Science ideas and planned some more for History!

Tuesday was Pops' birthday. We left the Jellystone Park in Lawrence, KS and headed north to Nebraska. We got all settled in and then met up with his folks and "baby" brother for supper at a great little smokehouse. YUM YUM YUM!

Monday we spent our last day of fun with Yogi Bear... more on this with pictures, too. Internet speed must increase before any photos are loaded.

SO - that is what is going on and what we have been up to. I am nursing my sore self and hope to feel great soon! I hope to make it into the Lincoln Children's Zoo today before spending some time over at our storage again!


  1. I can't seem to get past the marble chess board falling onto the bridge of your nose!!! OUCH!!!

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of all your fun times, when you have faster internet!

    Miss you!

  2. Thanks for the prompt address confirmation Elm. Hope your poor nose & all the rest feel better soon. I gotta tell you- I think you are pretty amazing! You are such a GREAT MOM, handling all the responsibilities that entails, in addition to home-schooling, living in a RV with 4 kids,your husband & a dog & constantly on the move, plus you seem to handle whatever else life throws your way with such grace, humor, & efficiency!! I gotta say it again- simply AMAZING! You ROCK Girl!
    Aunt S.

  3. ow! I hope you are feeling better soon.
    God Bless


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