Tuesday, September 13, 2011

RV Life: Dining and Living

We dine in a booth and relax on a sofa. It is a simple life! We work on MacBooks on either "TV Trays" or the dining table. We "school" here, too - sometimes sprawled on the floor, sometimes at the table or on a tv tray. Occasionally, the TV trays go in the bunkhouse and they sit on their bed with the tray. It is functional!!

Here are Branch and Bark...and a sneak peek of a part of the kitchen and the "hallway" to the rest of the "house"!! There are lots of cupboards and a flat screen TV that is on a swing arm that allows it to be pulled out and directed toward the sofa. But, we don't watch much television! There is so much better stuff to spend our time doing. The child locks on the cupboards are not to keep the kids out. It is to keep the "stuff" IN when we move from one location to the next!!

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