Friday, September 16, 2011


As we are in the throws of football season, I thought I would share my newly made up Secret Celebratory Gesture. You must be a member of my circle of trust to get in on my secret, and I will be most happy to share it with you! Since you are here... you must be part of my circle, as this is a low circulation blog. So - without further ado, here's what you do:
  1. Chest Bump
  2. Spin
  3. Jump to Facing (I can't quite make a 360 spin, you?)
  4. High Five
  5. Criss-Cross Fore Arm Bump - right then left
  6. Right Fist Bump ... Explosion
  7. High Five -swing down to backwards Low Five
  8. Raise both arms and Fist Pump the sky 3 times
  9. YEA!!!!!!!!
Perhaps you wonder what is so exciting that I made a special Secret Celebratory Gesture. Here, I will show you.

This was the weather forecast for Lincoln, NE Sep 14 - Sep 17 (We were there for Bud's b-day on Sep 14, and left the morning of Sep 15):

This is yesterday's 5-day outlook for Halstead, KS (near Hutchinson, where we are currently):

And this my friends was the 10-day outlook for Stillwater, OK (where we will arrive on Sunday, Sep 18 in the afternoon!):

Insert Secret Celebratory Gesture HERE!

I love the cooler weather. I mean, I LOVE the cooler weather!! The highs AND LOWS in Nebraska: overnight in the 30s! The cool weather in Kansas is nice, as we are planning to enjoy some outside things. The "cooler" weather in Oklahoma... while fairly warm in the 80s is cause for celebration. The last time we were in Oklahoma, we had the unfortunate opportunity to experience temperatures at 119 degrees. I was crabby. That is all I need to say about that... infer what you will about my crabbiness. Temps in the 80s means the treekids can run and play outdoors in the sunshine! We brought the bikes back out of storage and they will love riding through the park! Yippee for reasonable weather!! {Insert another S.C.G. here!}

P.S. - I am sure that all 'real' sports folks will think that I am a nutcase. And while that is a real possibility, I am just so thrilled about the weather - even with the rain. I like rain, too. Rain and grey skies. Cooler weather... finally.

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