Thursday, September 22, 2011

Settling in, again

in the Stillwater area. Seems some places take a little longer for me to get back to the blogging after we upset the apple cart than other places. Such is life. We are busy working through to the end of our First Unit for our History Unit Study. The treekids are antsy. They are creating these little pieces here and there and they cannot bear to be patient and want to show Pops everything every day. I tell them that the last day of the unit they will get to show/present the WHOLE folder in a fun family meeting. They are not on board yet. They keep trying to whisper all their excitement in Pops' ear. Rotten children!! We will be finished soon and ready to start up the next unit.

On a separate note, I was digging around my pictures to see what I haven't shared yet (which is a whole lot, actually! I better get busy.) and found photos from the last time we were in Stillwater! We visited a Botanical Garden on a VERY hot day. Maybe that wasn't the best day to go, but we enjoyed ourselves. It is an extensive grounds, so I won't share it all in one post. I'll share more later!

There we have Bump running and trying like the dickens to keep up to the bigger treekids. It was so nice of them to stop and wait for him to catch up a bit!

The first garden area was full sensory garden set about to entice all five senses. There were a lot of wasps and bees in the area and I didn't stick around to take a lot of pictures in the taste, smell and touch area. But, in the viewing area there was a kaleidoscope type tool in the garden. It was really pretty to look at some bright colors.

Of course, we were there when it was 116 degrees, so the flowers were mostly dead and or dying. SO, Bud's shirt was the prettiest thing to photograph!

A lovely xylophone to play in the garden was a treat for all. But cause for distress when Bump couldn't play with both mallets with a full audience!!

I am so glad that our return to Oklahoma has been filled with BEAUTIFUL weather! Yippeee!!

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  1. I love, love, love that you guys are living in an RV - and love reading about it!!! :)


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